Luxemburger Wort plans move to Howald

Source: Wort

(Photo montage: M3 Architectes)

Luxemburger Wort will move headquarters in 2021 to purpose-built offices in Howald, management said.

Media company Saint-Paul Luxembourg, owners of the Wort, will sign a corresponding long-term lease with Lafayette SA.

In addition to the publishing house of the daily Luxembourg newspaper, weekly magazine Télécran, weekly Portuguese newspaper Contacto, Radio Latina, and Wortimmo, will all move from the current Gasperich headquarters to Howald.

The new building will be built by the roundabout on the corner of Rue des Bruyères and Rue de Gasperich in Howald.

We will be able to meet our demands even more

The core of the four-storey office complex, designed by Soludec Development, will house a state-of-the-art newsroom for editing the Wort and other in-house media.

“In this new environment, we will be able to meet our demands even more to produce high-quality journalism,” Saint-Paul-Luxembourg CEO, Paul Peckels said.

Tailor-made modern editorial offices

If all the necessary permits are granted, in 2018 the foundations for the modern building tailored to the requirements of a multimedia house, will be laid on the 5,676 square metre plot of land. By 2021 it should be home to some 300 employees.

Saint-Paul Luxembourg is not deserting Gasperich altogether as the newspaper printing house, as well as several technical departments, together with Libo S.A., will remain at the current location on Rue Christophe Plantin in Gasperich.