Put on your dancing shoes, Assi Helani is coming to Jordan!

Source: Al Bawaba

Jordan to host Assi Helani this May. (Facebook)
Jordan to host Assi Helani this May. (Facebook)

Jordan, are you ready to rock the night away with Lebanese superstar Assi Helani?

Yes, the popular star is gracing the luxurious Le Royal Hotel‘s stage in Amman on May 13, 2016, and will be accompanied by fellow Lebanese singer Eliane Mahfouz.



Assi, 45, has been in the music industry for over two decades and is still as successful now as when he first started at the age of 17.

Not only is Assi a best-selling artist, but he’s also a judge on the popular singing TV contest The Voice Arabia.

In March, Assi collaborated with famous Jordanian poet Youssef Attieh and composed the music for a new single titled “Bekaffi Ennak Ordoni” (Being Jordanian is Enough), which he had recorded especially for Jordan.

In the song, Assi described Jordanian people as “kind and generous,” while expressing his admiration for King Abdullah’s “wise leadership.” In addition, Assi wished Jordan continued peace and stability.

Meanwhile, Eliane will work as a great opening act for Assi, with her strong voice and charming presence.

Eliane is popular for her singles “Ah Shu Bhebbo” (Oh, How Much I Love Him) and “Khedni La Oyounak” (Take Me in Your Eyes).