Gastronomic route through Italy without catching a plane


The restaurant M29 by Miguel Angel Hotel Bluebay pays tribute to this country until April 9, discovering its flavors without leaving Madrid.

Without neglecting the Spanish cuisine, a reference in world cuisine, there are those who love the exotic Indian cuisine, others spicy Mexican fans declare themselves, lovers of fine French cuisine, Peruvian, Japanese …. Endless options where cultural wealth of each country is reflected in the cuisine of each region.


Aware of this and thinking of the most demanding palates, the M29 restaurant of thehotel Miguel Angel by Blueby , located in Paseo de la Castellana Madrid, has devised a rich universe in recipes, in which both techniques of traditional cuisine and creative they have no place among their kitchens.

For March , pay homage to Italy and its delicious recipes from small regions , selecting the best of each. So, this tribute, and left the diner with good taste, aims tobring you closer to an exciting country full of flavors of the chef Stefano Pedrali.


Route with the chef Stefano can enjoy the gastronomic tourism to Italy without having to take a plane, traveling from north to south by sea and mountains, discovering the flavors and intensity of each of the regions.

Their tasting menu (dinner service) consists of 5 courses plus a drink:

-Little Parmiggiana eggplant with tomato coulis and pesto
-Tagliolini Carbonara with low – temperature egg and black truffle
-Pez sword to livornese
-Solomillito of gorgonzaola beef, arugula and polenta
-Salame Choco Della Nonna

Price : 40 € (+ VAT)



By noon, including a choice between dishes to choose from their menus Cuídate and Quiérete :

-Solomillo Pork cooked in milk, radicchio, riso and bisi
-Pez sword livornese with fried eggplant

Available : until April 9