Bluebay merged with Le Royal Hotels & Resorts


Group BlueBay has announced its merger with the Le Royal Hotels & Resorts chain, present in Europe and the Middle East, during the celebration of Fitur 2016. After the incorporation in September of the Michelangelo Hotel in Madrid, the Spanish hotel has followed incorporating properties from the rest of the 10 hotels in the portfolio of Le Royal Hotels & Resorts, in a process that will culminate next month of February.

With this Alliance, these two companies are unified in a group on a global basis to achieve “greater role and specific weight in the current scenario of international hospitality”.

The new group will have more than 60 hotels and 50,000 beds, including planned new openings, and institutions born of the merger will be located in enclaves both rentals and urban from three continents.

Le Royal Hotels & Resorts, owned by entrepreneur Sir Nadhmi Auchi, this merger brings more than 40 years experience in the sector, in addition to numerous hotels located in major tourist cities of countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Luxembourg , France and Spain, including the Michelangelo Hotel of 5 stars. As reported by News HOSTELTUR tourism in BlueBay stays with the hotel Miguel Ángel, chain undergo it a profound process of renewal, with an investment of 35 million euros.

Some of the signature Le Royal hotels, such as those in Hammamet (Tunisia), Luxembourg and Beirut (Lebanon), are considered by the public authentic banners cultural and social in their respective Nations, as well as being affiliated with the prestigious network of The Leading Hotels of the World.

The BlueBay group, owned by businessman Jamal Satli churches, indicates the string, so give a leap in quality in the international market thanks to this union of forces based in a total harmony, both in corporate philosophy, such as size, structure and projection of market professionals that make up Le Royal Hotels & Resorts.

According to Satli churches “both companies have similar values and complement each other perfectly in the work of the day to day. our expectations are very high and we know that you walking hand of Le Royal, many doors and opportunities open on the horizon of BlueBay in the short and medium term”.

Jump to Asia from 2017

On the other hand, the general director of Grupo BlueBay, Ramón Hernández, explained yesterday at Fitur that the company currently have new projects underway in Brazil, Riviera Maya, Istanbul, Tunisia, Egypt and almost all the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, as well as keeping your point of view in the urban segment , including Spanish cities.

In terms of its projection towards Asia, said that, although it is already present in Oman, prepares the leap this continent from 2017, with the culmination of negotiations that are underway and that could come in any case. The perspective is to incorporate two to four establishments per year.