Members of the Royal Order of Francis I


London – Friday 22 May 2015. Within the Delegation of Great Britain and Ireland the following knights and dames are current members of the Royal Order of Francis I – the third Order of Knighthood of the Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies bestowed today. The Royal Order of Francis I consists of three grades only and is bestowed on men and women alike of all faiths and none. Some members of this Order are also members of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George.

Knight Grand Cross

  • His Honour Sir Gavyn Arthur, GCFO, former Lord Mayor of London,
  • Sir Nadhmi Auchi, KCN, KSS, GCFO, President of the Anglo-Arab Organisation,
  • HE Sir Anthony Bailey, KGCN, OBE, GCSS, KC*HS, GCMCO, GCFO,* Delegate of Great Britain & Ireland, Magistral Delegate of SM Constantinian Order of Saint George, Secretary General of the Royal Order of Francis I, Deputy of the Royal Deputation,
  • The Rt Rev and Rt Hon Lord Carey of Clifton, GCFO, former Lord Archbishop of Canterbury,
  • HE Count Andrzej Ciechanowiecki, GCSG, KM, KJ, GCJCO, GCFO, PhD, FSA,** former Delegate for Poland of the SM Constantinian Order of Saint George,
  • His Eminence Archbishop Athanasius Toma Dawod, GCFO, Patriarchal Vicar of Syrian Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom,
  • His Eminence Elisey, Archbishop of Sourozh, GCFO, Head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland,
  • His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, GCFO, Head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Great Britain,
  • HE Mr John Gvozdenovic Kennedy, GCFO,** former Grand Chancellor of the Royal Order of Danilo I of the Royal House of Montenegro,
  • Mr Mahmoud Khayami, CBE, KSS, GCFO, Chairman of the Khayami Foundation,
  • The Lord Lingfield, Kt, KStJ, GCFO, DL, former Knight Principal, The Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor,
  • His Eminence Cormac, Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, GCJCO, GCFO, STL,* Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster, Prior of the British and Irish Delegation of the SM Constantinian Order of Saint George,
  • Sir Sigmund Sternberg, OStJ, KC*SG, GCFO, JP, Founder of the Three Faiths Forum,
  • His Grace The Duke of Westminster, KG, CB, CVO, OBE, KStJ, CD, TD, GCFO, DL,
  • The Rt Rev & Rt Hon Lord Williams of Oystermouth, GCFO, former Lord Archbishop of Canterbury,
  • Sir Cyril Woods of Slane, KCN, KStJ, GCFO, former Almoner of the Priory of Canada of the Venerable Order of Saint John,

Dame Grand Cross

  • HRH The Princess Elena of Romania, Mrs Alexander Nixon, GCFO,
  • HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, GCFO,

Knight Commander

  • The Lord Alderdice of Knock, KCFO, former President of Liberal International and former Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly,
  • HE Dr Mutahar Abdullah Alsaeede, KCFO,** former Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to the Court of St James’s and Ireland,
  • His Grace Bishop Angaelos, KCFO, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church,
  • HE Mr Mal Berisha, KCFO, Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to the Court of St James’s,
  • HE Mr Mohammed Belmahi, KCFO,** former Ambassador of HM The King of Morocco to the Court of Saint James’s,
  • The Lord Brennan of Bibury, KCSG, KCMCO, KCFO, QC,* Delegate Emeritus of the SM Constantinian Order of Saint George and President of the Catholic Union of Great Britain,
  • Professor John Burland, CBE, KCFO, Emeritus Professor of Soil Mechanics, Imperial College, London,
  • Dr Massimo Carello, KCFO,
  • Sir Michael Craig-Cooper, CBE, TD, KCFO, DL, FCIArb, former Vice-Lord Lieutenant of Greater London,
  • The Rt Hon Sir Desmond de Silva, KStJ, KCFO, QC,* former United Nations Chief Prosecutor to the Republic of Sierra Leone,
  • Sir David Durie, KCMG, KStJ, KCFO, formerly Her Majesty’s Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Gibraltar,
  • Mr Norman Gooding, CStJ, KCFO,* past President of the Orders and Medals Research Society,
  • His Excellency Mr Lirim Greiçevci, KCFO, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the Court of St James’s,
  • Major General Jonathan Hall, CB, OBE, OStJ, KCFO, DL, former Lieutenant Governor of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and Standard Bearer of HM Body Guard of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms,
  • Sir Ewan Harper, CBE, KCFO, former Chief Executive, United Learning Trust,
  • Air Vice-Marshal David Hawkins-Leth, LVO, CB, MBE, KCFO, DL, former Gentleman Usher to HM The Queen,
  • Professor Nasser David Khalili, KCSS, KCFO, Chairman of the Maimonides Foundation,
  • HE Dr Sione Ngongo Kioa, KCFO, former High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Tonga to the Court of St James’s and Ambassador to the Italian Republic,
  • The Rt Hon Lord Lamont of Lerwick, KCFO, former Chancellor of the Exchequer,
  • Mr Donal Lydon, KCSG, KM, GCHS, KCMCO, KCFO,* former President of the Association of Papal Orders in Ireland,
  • HE Dr Lachezar Matev, KCFO,** former Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Court of St James’s,
  • HE Mr Mauricio Rodríguez Múnera, KCFO, KCFO,** former Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to the Court of St James’s,
  • HE Matthew Neuhaus, KCFO,** former Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Australia to Zimbabwe, former Political Director, Commonwealth Secretariat,
  • Sir Michael Smurfit, KBE, KCFO,
  • Dr Colin Smythe, OStJ, KCGCO, KCFO,* formerly the Grand Chancellor’s Chargé d’affaires in Great Britain,
  • Sir Conrad Swan, KCVO, KGCN, KM, GCJCO, KCFO, Phd, FSA,* former Garter King of Arms, College of Arms,
  • Mr Eitan Wertheimer, KSS, KCFO,**
  • Mr Steven Wilkinson, KCSS, KCFO,

Dame Commander

  • Lady Auchi, DCFO, Director of the Anglo Arab Organization,
  • The Baroness Cox of Queensbury, DCFO,
  • HE Señora Ariadne Singares Robinson, DMCO, DCFO, former Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to the Court of St James’s,
  • The Dowager Marchioness of Salisbury, DCFO,

Knight First Class

  • Mr John Barber, KFO, DL,
  • Mr Charles J Burnett, KStJ, KFO, Ross Herald, Lyon Court,
  • Mr Brian Clivaz, KFO,
  • Mr Alexander Creswell, KFO,
  • Dr Harold Elletson, KFO, former MP,
  • The Very Rev Mgr Vladimir Felzmann, KCHS, KGCO, KFO,
  • Mr Kevin Grant, KMCO, KFO,*
  • The Rev Canon Jonathan Gough, KFO, formerly the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Secretary for Ecumenism,
  • Mr John-Barry Noble, KFO,
  • Mr Saleem Kidwai, OBE, KFO, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Wales,
  • Mr Anthony McGorrigan, KFO,
  • The Reverend Deacon Meliton Richard Oakes, KFO, Private Secretary to His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain,
  • Brigadier Thomas Ogilvie-Graham, MBE, QHVS, OStJ, KSG, KMCO, KFO,*
  • Mr Maurice Ostro, OBE, KFO, Vice-Chairman of the Council of Christians and Jews and Founder Patron of the Faiths Forum for London.
  • Scott MacMillan of Rathdown, KFO,
  • Mr Albert Roux, OBE, KFO,
  • Mr Peter Schaad, KFO,
  • Mr John Sherman, KFO,
  • Mr Michael Sternberg, KFO, QC, FRSA, Chairman of Trustees, Three Faiths Forum,
  • Mr Ahmed Suleiman, MBE, KFO, Founder, Women in Business,
  • The Rev Canon Dr William Taylor, KFO, Chairman of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association,

Dame First Class

  • Miss Annie Austin, DFO,
  • The Lady Bates of Langbaurgh, DSS, DFO,
  • Signora Sara Carello, DFO,
  • Mrs Elizabeth Grafstein, DFO,
  • Mrs Joyce Parsons,  DFO, JP,
  • Mrs Elizabeth Thornborough, DFO,
  • Lady Woods of Slane, DFO,

* Denotes existing or past Delegation Council Member. ** Denotes Honorary Delegation Member as prescribed by the Council of the Delegation.