Le Royal: A New Player in Qatar’s Hospitality Market

Le Royal Resort - Beirut

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26 Feb 01:56 AM      Sector : Tourism       Country : Qatar      By: Mr Nather Auchi


Le Royal Hotels & Resorts, one of the leading hotel companies that were born in Europe, is now ready to introduce its managing expertise in Qatar.

Being in the hospitality business is quite challenging yet offers many opportunities for investment. The sector is growing rapidly, and has a place in both emerging markets like Irbil and booming economies like Qatar. Before focusing on revenues, however, it is important to define the concept and adapt it to the country, taking into consideration its needs and specificities.

Qatar’s stability attracts investors

Qatar offers distinct opportunities for growth as it is growing steadily. It has prospered in recent years with oil and gas accounting for over 50% of GDP and 70% of government revenues. Beyond this the country has invested heavily in education, sports and culture, opening the doors for international collaboration and a growing workforce. It is precisely all these reasons that the hotel business could boom.

Our overall vision is to expand in stable countries and our expansion will be based on managing new properties, with our skills and knowledge, a drive fuelled by the need for professional players in the region. We are proud to announce that we are ready to offer a new and dynamic approach in the hospitality industry in Qatar due to its stability and its strategic growth.

Today Qatar is a very promising destination which is why we believe that with our clear and strategic vision, we can tackle the demand in the hospitality sector and manage hotels there by offering Le Royal’s management expertise.

Previously, we had received several offers from the region to manage hotels, including Qatar; however, we have revised our strategy in light of the changing realities on the ground and are entering a new era in this respect.

A Royal approach to managing hotels

Le Royal possesses an experienced and dynamic team in this respect, and are considered trendsetters in the field. With a relatively small yet powerful portfolio, with several properties in the Middle East, North Africa and the GCC, our approach is considered professional yet flexible. We believe in adapting to the owner’s need while preserving the Royal touch. Our ultimate mission is to find the proper mix of solutions for every property’s challenges and to adapt this mix to the destination’s needs.

To achieve the desired results, we work hand in hand with the owner, based first and foremost on transparency and honesty. We consider ourselves pioneers in minimizing expenses without compromising quality, and we also offer a high-tech approach thanks to a team of experts and hospitality technology we exploit.

Our strength lies in managing across different cultures and contexts, from Jordan to Luxembourg. This broadens our knowledge and we tend to focus on every single detail, giving a unique and a tailor-made product/service mix while adapting the standard of the initial brand.

If you’ve been to our properties in the Arab world, you would immediately notice how we go the extra step, from the highly multilingual staff and our familiarity with the special needs of GCC nationals. All these advantages conspire to create a powerful formula that will add a new and important player in the Qatari market, and we’re more than ready to take on this challenge. The time has come for truly Royal hospitality.


Nather Auchi
Vice President of Le Royal Hotels & Resorts
Nather Auchi is the Vice President of Le Royal Hotels & Resorts, based in Beirut, Lebanon. Auchi has turned Le Royal into a management company that is looking to expand into other exciting markets, beyond the current locations of Amman, Beirut, Hammamet, Luxembourg and Tangier.