Lid’l Ol’ Luxembourg

Thank you to Ned Bond for mentioning Le Royal in his blog


The city of Luxembourg is one of the main financial centres in Europe – largely due to the country’s banking and privacy laws.  Tax rates are lower than pretty much anywhere in the EC.  Situated about 230km south of Brussels, the city is tiny by capital standards: the population is not much more than a hundred thousand people. It is very beautiful, very clean and well worth seeing. It is spread across a deep gorge – the Grund – and the views are quite breathtaking.

Luxembourg - the Pont Adolphe Read the story of Luxembourg’s beautiful Pont Adolphe

For those who don’t know (I didn’t), the country has its own language, Luxembourgish – largely a melange of German, French and Flemish but quite distinctive nonetheless. The Luxembourgers will warm to you if you make an effort to speak in their native tongue, and although any company worth its salt will deal in English, French and German at…

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